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The Anthem

Smoke rings in the dark

Reminds me of them

The ones that created me

In an instant 

There was a spark

Like lightning in her veins

At a distance here I came

Brand new and naked

Proud and forsaken

Lead by the love of God

Only it’s in my dreams

Where twisted comes true

And the dead breathe again

A vision of a Queen

Of her world and her heart

Who would find the spark?

Bright , shiny, and new

Long and cold and dark

Love left a long time ago

When time became frozen

There was no where to begin

I find peace when I see them

These smoke rings in the dark

Right here where I am

I no longer breathe 

Without a spare lung

My eyes are fading too

My dying decree is simple

With them is where I need to be

Begging God please

Put out the spark


Adrian Stewart

August 14, 2014 (C)

I’m going to pretend you’re mine 

Like we are frozen in time

Devoted to you always

Forever and a day

You will be my baby 

Finally born to be real

Meg says I’m crazy

It’ll never come true 

I can’t wait to die

I have nothing

No more pride inside 

Look for the smile when I have died

God grants zero

To those with no hero

Sorry I couldn’t make it 

Because I wouldn’t break it 

Grab my hand

Take a squeeze

So that when I let go 

God will be pleased

Another soul without a purpose

It is thy will hide the hurt

Better than nothing

For what it’s worth

(C) Adrian Stewart

July 11, 2014

A Place Without Return

There is no purpose within me

Drowning in my own blood

Haven’t I suffered enough 

Unhappy until I am buried alive

A place without return

I walk to the end

Only it’s dead like me

Blurry at best

Permission in vain

Stare at the stars 

No two are the same

Hold on while I devour your soul

It screams like you what a pity

Vanquished and near the edge

All I ever needed died within

I’ve opened the door now see what I do

I walk to the end

Only it’s dead like me

Blurry at best

Permission in vain

Stare at the stars 

No two are the same

My heart is desolate

My soul begs to be set free

Never going to happen unless you agree to bleed

Regardless my savior was the serpents command

Deceived me by taking my hand

Lead by angels without love in their hearts

I walk to the end

Only it’s dead like me

Blurry at best

Permission in vain

Stare at the stars 

No two are the same

Earth failed me my entire existence

There is a higher up more powerful than I

My sovereign reasoning for letting go

Simply because I am in charge and I say so

Show me mercy make it happen

My last wish is for the keys to the kingdom

Adrian Stewart

August 7, 2014 (C)

In the land of make believe

I can’t dance

But I will with you

To the moon and beyond

My gorgeous wife of life

The hand that I hold

Will always be yours

Because you are the girl

That waltzed with my heart

Step by step

Side by side

I’ll always remember

The day I made you my bride

We walked down the isle

A long time ago

Bound by God

Captured and kept

Remnants and memories of our first embrace

The kiss

That launched a thousand ships

Not a day goes by

Without you in mind

The rarest of all

Native and proud of your hometown

Created and born


Hell bent and brave

No matter how far apart

I am sworn to your steed 

Together as one love

In the land of make believe

Adrian Stewart (c)

July 13, 2014

Fire & Ice

All I have is my heart 

I rely on it to guide me

Up to my ears in empty

My flesh and blood

Deny me to my face

To them I am nothing

Disgusting disgrace

Total slap in the face

What’s left of me

Once they had their fill

An empty void so real

Everything embraced

By an outcast of my race

I needed you

You hate

I begged

And you laughed

Why don’t I ever learn

No one shows concern

Tied down and left

Oh how it burns

I wish to be dead

To a God that you pray to too

The same way that I do

Only opposites convene

No more real

Than any of you people

On my knees 

Save me from me

Show me the way

Make me believe

Majestic opportunity

To swallow the right pill

One to kill me

Frozen to the bone

The other to sustain me

Fight for my freedom

Help me I’m buried alive

Condemned by fire and ice

Adrian Stewart

(C) May 31, 2014

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