I can’t dance

But I will with you

To the moon and beyond

My gorgeous wife of life

The hand that I hold

Will always be yours

Because you are the girl

That waltzed with my heart

Step by step

Side by side

I’ll always remember

The day I made you my bride

We walked down the isle

A long time ago

Bound by God

Captured and kept

Remnants and memories of our first embrace

The kiss

That launched a thousand ships

Not a day goes by

Without you in mind

The rarest of all

Native and proud of your hometown

Created and born


Hell bent and brave

No matter how far apart

I am sworn to your steed 

Together as one love

In the land of make believe

Adrian Stewart (c)

July 13, 2014


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All I have is my heart 

I rely on it to guide me

Up to my ears in empty

My flesh and blood

Deny me to my face

To them I am nothing

Disgusting disgrace

Total slap in the face

What’s left of me

Once they had their fill

An empty void so real

Everything embraced

By an outcast of my race

I needed you

You hate

I begged

And you laughed

Why don’t I ever learn

No one shows concern

Tied down and left

Oh how it burns

I wish to be dead

To a God that you pray to too

The same way that I do

Only opposites convene

No more real

Than any of you people

On my knees 

Save me from me

Show me the way

Make me believe

Majestic opportunity

To swallow the right pill

One to kill me

Frozen to the bone

The other to sustain me

Fight for my freedom

Help me I’m buried alive

Condemned by fire and ice

Adrian Stewart

(C) May 31, 2014


Homemade clam chowder from #chefMeaghan !! Divine dinner miss M.


(My mom and I are eating dinner at a country style restaurant that features homemade desserts. I’m in my mid-twenties. We have been getting along great with our waitress all evening.)

Waitress: “So, any dessert tonight?”

Mom: “I’d like a piece of strawberry pie to go, please.”

Waitress: “Sure! And you?”

Me: “None for me; thanks.”

Waitress: “Are you sure? We have chocolate and lemon meringue tonight, too.”

Me: “No, thank you.”

Waitress: *winking at me* “Tell ya what? I’m going to box you up a piece of the strawberry, too, on the house for being such great customers.”

Me: “Wait, I’m a diabetic. That’s why I don’t want dessert. But thank you for the offer. That’s really nice.”

Waitress: “You’re a diabetic?”

Me: “Yes.”

Waitress: *to my mom* “Is she really a diabetic?”

Mom: “Yes. So that’s just one piece of strawberry pie to go and then the check please. We better get going.”

Waitress: “You can’t be a diabetic. You’re skinny!”

Me: “… Well, I am. I was diagnosed five years ago.”

Waitress: “Were you fat before you were a diabetic?”

(I am visibly uncomfortable. I don’t mind discussing my health, but I prefer not to with total strangers. My mom notices and squeezes my hand under the table.)

Mom: *very calmly* “We’ll have the check now please.”

Waitress: *to my mom* “Does she just have an eating disorder?”

Mom: “No, and to be honest, we prefer not to discuss this any longer. I just want the check.”

Waitress: “Are you mad? I was only asking. No need to get mad.”

(She leaves to get the check and the manager comes over.)

Manager: “How was everything, ladies?”

Mom: “Our food was great, and I hate to say this because our waitress was great all evening, but you may need to talk to her about appropriate conversations with customers. My daughter has a medical condition and our waitress pushed a little too hard and asked some personal questions.”

Manager: “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. I’ve never gotten any complaints about her before but I will talk to her.”

(He reassures us that it will never happen again. We pay the check and get up to leave when the manager comes back with two to-go boxes.)

Manager: “Ladies, I’m sorry you had a bad experience, so I wanted you each to have a piece of chocolate pie on the house.”

Mom: *heavy sigh* “Thank you. My daughter can’t have dessert but we’ll take the other piece to her father.”

(The manager is flustered and tries to offer us something different but we just want to go. As we are walking to the door the waitress walks by.)

Waitress: “That’s chocolate pie! I knew you weren’t a diabetic!”

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Do you wonder why you have to
Feel the things that hurt you?
If there’s a God who loves you
Where is He now?

Source: Spotify

the perfect girl is gone

Source: Spotify

cuz i see you but i can’t feel you anymore so go away i need you but i can’t need you anymore you hesitate oh we never made it oh you hesitated… you were my fire so i burned now there’s nothing left of me”

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Butter and herb chicken with fresh steamed broccoli with Gouda cheese and accented with artisan cheddar bread!! Go chef Meg !!